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Solar Reflective Coatings

How to Save Money on Your Energy Bills,

Create a More Comfortable Home, and

Reduce your "Carbon Footprint"

The Hot,  Dry Australian Summers can be punishing to your comfort and your wallet, with rising electricity costs.

The preference for dark coloured roofs also adds to the heat absorbed by your home and the resultant energy costs.

The answer is to coat your roof with ASTEC ENERGY STAR® Heat reflective paint.

Up to 70% of heat that would otherwise be absorbed by your roof can be reflected away.

ASTEC ENERGY STAR® is the ONLY heat reflective coating on the market with Independently Verified Test Results, proving the heat reflective properties.

Let Cool Patios Save You Money

A Cool Patios Expert Technician has been trained and certified by ASTEC Paints to apply ENERGY STAR® Coatings to the exacting standards that ensure maximum energy savings and longest life.

Not only will you have a beautiful, restored roof, but the energy savings you make could pay for it!

In the long run, you virtually get your roof restoration for FREE, and enjoy greater comfort every summer.

Why Delay any longer? Get your Home, Shed, or Patio protected with an ASTEC ENERGY STAR® Heat Reflective Coating and enjoy better comfort and lower energy costs this summer!

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Realistically, How Much Can You Save?

How much money off your energy bills you can save with a ENERGY STAR coated roof depends upon many factors. Your roof type and colour, the quality of insulation, your home design, your cooling system type are just a few.

Typically, a 1 degree drop in roof space temperature can result in a 10% drop in cooling costs for refrigerated air conditioning.

However, this may not be the case for your home. You may be able to save more or less than this figure.

The best way to determine your potential cost saving is have our expert do a FREE energy saving assessment for you. We can calculate the potential energy savings for you based on your particular situation.

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