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The problem with ordinary patio roofs is they are poorly insulated and radiate heat to the underside in hot weather. So even though you are in the shade it can still be unbearably hot under your patio or verandah. And in winter the roof gets very cold and makes it difficult to heat the area even with a patio heater or similar.

When you have spent good money on an outdoor entertaining area you want to be able to use it all year round, or what's the point of having it?.

Solarspan® Insulated Roof Panels are the ultimate solution for roofs on Patios, Pergolas and Verandahs.

A Solarspan® Insulated roof not only lets you enjoy your outdoor living areas all year round but its pre-finished Colourbond® steel surface gives you a perfect, neat finish that is maintenance free, never needs painting and will not collect dust or cobwebs.

Another advantage of Solarspan® Insulated roof panels is the minimal requirement for supporting structure. The superior strength of the Solarspan® Panels means that long spans of up to 7 metres can be achieved without the need for intermediate supports.

Apart from the obvious cost benefits, this also means you get a patio or verandah roof with clean, smooth finish with nowhere for cobwebs, wasp nests or birds to accumulate.

Made from a sandwich of expanded polystyrene foam between 2 layers of Colourbond® steel, Solarspan insulated roof panels are simultaneously strong, light and beautiful.

The other great thing about building your patio or verandah roof with solarspan is that despite all the superior qualities it is still actually lower cost than a conventional structure with steel roof, insulation & painted lining. Because the entire structure and finish can be completed by our experienced team of installers, without the need to coordinate multiple trades, most projects can be completed in just a few days.

Which gives you more time to enjoy your outdoor areas under a Solarspan roof.

And there is no need to limit Solarspan to just Patios and Verandahs. We have completed both commercial and residential buildings with Solarspan roofs to take advantage of the superior qualities and simplicity of construction.

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